Privacy Policy

What Type of Information We Are Collecting?

We need to interpret the data about you to have Enjoyxoxo Services. The category of details we gather focuses on when you are using our products and services. You will explore how and where to access & modify the details we gather by viewing the Enjoyxoxo settings.

  1. Information that you and every user are doing and providing.


  • Data and information that you offer us.

We gather the software, emails as well as other details you include when you are using our services, such as when you register up for a new account, develop or exchange information and messages, or connect with anyone. This can involve details on or about the documents you produce.


It will also incorporate what you see in the services that we have, along with our camera, and we'll do stuff like recommending filters & masks that you would enjoy, or giving you advice that use camera configurations.


Our devices continuously analyze material and messages that both you and everyone have for reference interpretation about what is in them again for reasons listed following. Learn mostly on how users can manage what others can see the details you're sharing.


  • Information including additional security - You may opt to share details concerning your religious values, any personal viewpoints, who and what you are "popular in" including personal wellbeing in your EnjoyXoxo profile or life situations.


This and other data (including ethnic or racial background, ideology or participation in a labor unions) may be subject to additional security within the regulations in the region.


  • Connection Channels and Networking


We gather details from the individuals, websites, profiles, hashtags and communities you are linked with and how you engage with them during our Services, such as persons you chat with regularly or communities that you seem to be member of.


We sometimes gather contact information if you want to access, merge or transfer it from a computer (such as an address book or phone log or Text messaging log record) that we use for reasons such as assisting you and everyone else to locate users you might know including for the various mentioned purposes below.


  • Your Choice of Access


We obtain data on how do you use our Services, including the forms of content you consume or connect through, the services you choose, the activities you perform, the individuals or profiles you connect with, as well as the duration, regularity and length of your interactions.


For instance, we record when you are using and the last usage our product and services, as well as what articles, videos, and other content you see on our product categories. We often gather details on when you use things like our cameras.


  • Details Regarding Our User Purchases


When you are using our services for purchases or other bank transactions (e.g. because once you request a service buying decision or charity), we gather details about your order or payment.


The above covers billing information, including the debit card details as well as other payment details, various transaction and verification details, and invoicing, shipping as well as contact numbers.


  • Activities Other Users Perform and Details They're Offering Regarding You


We often collect and evaluate the functionality, messages and data that most other users send by using our services. That may include details about you, including whether the people post & respond on a picture of you, send the message to you, or update, configure, or upload your personal details.


  1. Information About the Device


As mentioned here, we gather information from and about devices, tablets, connected TVs and several other web-connected gadgets that you use to communicate with our services, however we blend this data through the various technologies that you are using.

For instance – we utilize data gathered regarding your utilization of our product lines on your smartphone to help customize the products (which include advertisements) or functionality you experience when you are using our product and services on some other computer, also including your tablet or laptop, or to determine even if you have taken action as a result to an advertisement that we have shown you on your smartphone on some other computer.


The details we receive from some of these devices should involve:


  • Characteristics of Device


Details including operating system, hardware & software models, battery voltage, signal power, storage available space, application type, client and media files and forms, and addons.


  • Activities of the device


Details on the function and action of the computer, including whether the window is in the front or in the back, or mouse clicks (which might also assist to differentiate users against chatbot).


  • Descriptor


Special descriptors, computer identifiers as well as other identifying information, also including games, applications or profiles that you are using, and community User IDs (and perhaps other identifications which are specific to Enjoyxoxo Business Services affiliated with the very same computer or profile).


  • Signals from The Device

Bluetooth transmissions, notifications on local Wi-Fi points in the network, gateways and cellular phone antennas.


  • Computer Configurations Details


Details which you permit us to obtain through the system configurations which you switch enabled, including such links to the Location information, camera or images.


  • Networks Including Interactions


Details including the identity of your mobile provider or Service provider, culture, standard time, mobile telephone number, Destination address, communication intensity including, sometimes in situations, details about most other technologies which are neighboring or on your network, and we'll do stuff along with streaming video through your smartphone to your Television.


  • Information with Cookies


Cookie information saved on the computer, such as cookie IDs & configurations. Read more regarding that we are using cookies throughout the Section on Enjoyxoxo Cookie Settings.


  1. Partner Information


Advertising companies, software developers and publications can give us details via Enjoyxoxo Business Resources that they use, namely our communication plugins (including the Like button), Enjoyxoxo Username.

These partnerships have details about your interactions outside of Enjoyxoxo – including details about your browser, websites you access, transactions you make, advertisements you see as well as how you use the services – not just whether you have such a Enjoyxoxo account or are logging in to Enjoyxoxo.


For example - A game designer might use our Platform to inform everyone what games you're playing, or a company might inform us something about the transaction you've made in the store.


We also gather data regarding your online or offline behaviors including transactions from third-party data agencies which have the freedom to supply us with your details.


Partners analyses the information while you access while using their sites, or by third party companies with whom they interact. We need each one of these collaborators to provide the legal authority to claim, use as well as exchange the data before you supply us about any information. Read more than just the kinds of affiliates we're getting from.


How Do We Exchange Your Data and Information?

We utilize the details we receive (particular matter to challenges you face) as mentioned underneath and offer and endorse the Enjoyxoxo offerings and related facilities mentioned in the Enjoyxoxo Terms and Enjoyxoxo conditions. So, this is how to:

  1. Offer, customize & enhance our services.

We utilize the details we need to offer our Platforms, including to customize functionality & services (such as your News Page, video content, social media and advertisements) and also to provide recommendations for everyone (including such communities or activities which might be of importance to you or subjects that you'll want to pursue) in and out of our product offerings.


To build customized goods that are specific and important to yourself, we include your relationships, desires, expectations and behaviors on the basis of the information we gather and acquire from you and everyone (including any information with extra safeguards you want to provide); how often you use and communicate with our goods; and the individuals, locations or objects you are linked to and involved in on and off our services.


Recognize something about how we use knowledge about you as well customize your Enjoyxoxo experience, such functionality, functionality and preferences in Enjoyxoxo Products; you can however read something about how we pick the advertisements you encounter.


  • Details of Enjoyxoxo across all its services and products


We link data regarding personal behaviors to various Enjoyxoxo Products as well as services to have more personalized and reliable functionality on all Social Applications that you are using, when you want to use them. For eg, we may recommend that you engage an Enjoyxoxo community that incorporates individuals you follow on social media or connect with through Messaging.


We can however create your process extra streamlined, for instance by instantaneously checking in your login details (including such your contact number) across one Enjoyxoxo application whenever you log up with a different app profile.


  • Information Related to Your Location

We utilize location-based details – including such your precise destination, wherever you work, where you'd like to travel, as well as the companies and individuals you're close to – to deliver, customize and enhance our goods, especially advertising, for both you and everyone else.


Location-related details can be dependent on items including the specific time of the computer (if you have authorized us to gather it), IP attributes as well as details about the utilization of Enjoyxoxo Items and many others (including such check-ins or activities you are attending).


  • Development and Product Research


We are using details that we need to build, evaluate and refine our technologies, as well as by collecting information & analysis, and reviewing and debugging new services and products.


  • Facial Recognition


When you toggle it on, we enable facial recognition technology to identify you through images, videos as well as camera interactions. The facial recognition prototypes which we develop may signify information with special privileges under the regulations of your nation.


Read a little more about how we utilize face-recognition innovation, or even how we manage our use of such an emerging technology in Enjoyxoxo environments.


  • Sponsored Contents with Paid Advertisements


We then use details we have around you – such as details regarding your tastes, behavior and relationships – to pick and tailor the advertisements, deals as well as other supported material that we display you.


Discover more of how we view and configure advertisements, and your options about the information we are using to choose advertisements as well as other paid material about you in Enjoyxoxo Settings.


  1. Deliver Calculation, Analysis as Well As Other Market Resources


We are using details we collect (which include your actions outside of our Offerings, along with platforms that you access and advertisements that you would see) to help marketers as well as other stakeholders evaluate the impact and delivery of their advertising and facilities.


To consider the kinds of users who are using their content and how customers connect with their websites, services and applications. Know how we're sharing knowledge with some of these collaborators.


  1. Endorse Confidentiality, Dignity and Protection


We utilize the details that we all need to validate identities and behaviors, fight negative behavior, recognize and avoid spam and other negative observations, protect the credibility of our brand and encourage protection and reliability in and out for Enjoyxoxo Services.


For instance, we utilize details that we are using to identify criminal behavior or violation of our Conditions or Rules, or to identify whenever someone needs assistance. Consult the Enjoyxoxo Security Support Center and Enjoyxoxo Security Guidelines to explore more.


  1. Interaction with You


We are using details we need to give you targeted advertisements, connect with what you said about our goods, and then let you aware regarding our guidelines and terminology. We will be using your details to relate to you when you reach us.


  1. Experiment and Enhancement for The Good of Society


We are using resources we collect (mostly from international collaborators with which we cooperate) to undertake and encourage research and progress on the areas of universal social security, scientific development, public involvement, fitness and well-being.


For instance, we evaluate details which we have on migration flows throughout disasters to assist with recovery efforts. Read more about existing research projects.


Ways to Share Information

  1. Users and Account Information, You Exchange and Interact With


As you interact and connect with our Offerings, you select the environment at whatever you interact. For instance, whenever you post a story, you choose a community for a story, including a party, all social followers, the audience or a personalized list of individuals.


Likewise, if you are using Chat or Enjoyxoxo to connect with individuals or companies, they would see the information you upload.


Your community will now see the activities you have done on our Offerings, such as the presence of advertising and supported material. We even let other account holders notice who's been reading their Enjoyxoxo posts.


  1. Details of The Public


It can be used by anybody, inside or outside our Services, even though they don't even have an account. The above covers your Enjoyxoxo username, all details you exchange with the internet, details on your EnjoyXoxo public account, and material you post on the Enjoyxoxo website and Marketplace.


You, all users accessing Enjoyxoxo, and we will have links to or give publicly available information to others on including off our Items, such as other Enjoyxoxo Business Services, across search engine results, either through software and functionalities.


Publicly available information can sometimes be interpreted, read, re-shared or retrieved by third-party platforms also including search results, web apps and external websites also including TV, and therefore by applications, platforms and some other resources that connect with our product lines.


  1. Stuff That People Post or Exchange Regarding You


You must know whoever you want to exchange with, and many others who could see the behavior on our Platforms can keep sharing it with those on and off our product lines, even individuals and companies in the community you chose to share with.


For instance, whenever you upload a post or send a strong message to particular acquaintances or profiles, they will stream, view or share that information to everyone else across or outside our Goods, either in individual or in virtual reality technology including Enjoyxoxo Spaces.


Sometimes, whenever you respond on somebody else's content or respond to their material, your message or response is available to everyone who could see the material of all the other user, and even that individual will adjust the community afterwards.


  1. Details Concerning Your Active Status or Interest in Our Good and Services


Users on your channels will see signs showing them whether you will be interested on our items, and whether you're actually active on social, Messaging or Enjoyxoxo, or since you last accessed our product lines.


  1. Applications, Portals and Third-Party Integrations or Even Using Our Good and Services


When you're using third-party applications, webpages or several other platforms that are using or are incorporated with advertising services, you may obtain details as to what you upload or submit.


For instance, whenever you enjoy a game against your Enjoyxoxo friends and then use the Enjoyxoxo Comment or Sharing button on the official site, the game creator or web application can data and performance about your interactions in the game or receive notifications or connects which you sharing mostly on Enjoyxoxo website.


Often, whenever you launch or use those third-party applications, those who can view your official Enjoyxoxo profile as well as any details you exchange with others. Applications and webpages that you are using will be presented with your Enjoyxoxo contact list if you want to communicate it with everyone.


  1. Collaborators Who Are Using Our Analytical Resources.


We have consolidated analytics and perspectives that support users and companies understand how so many people interact with their messages, collections, accounts, video clips as well as other material into and out of Enjoyxoxo services. For instance, Group Administrators and Enjoyxoxo Profiles are presented with statistics more about amount of people or entities who posted, responded to or reacted about their updates, as well as cumulative statistical and other details that lets them recognize their experiences within their Blog or Profile.


  1. Advertising Companies


We offer advertising agencies with details on the types of users that see their advertisements as well as how their advertisements are created, but we really do not provide details that directly recognizes you (identification numbers or email id which can be used to reach you or identify who and what you are) whether you grant permission to use it.


  1. Partners for Analysis


We exchange details and data about you with organizations who analyze it and offer our clients with insights and assessment results.


  1. Sponsors Selling Products and Facilities Through Our Product Lines


While you register to provide additional content or purchase anything from a vendor of our Services, the content producer or vendor can collect the publicly available information as well as other data that you exchange with each other, and also the details expected to accomplish the purchase, such as delivery and contact information.


  • Suppliers and Support Services


We offer details and information to suppliers and service providers who help our industry, along with delivering online infrastructure and services, evaluating where our goods are being used, delivering customer service team, encouraging transactions or providing feedback.


  • Experts and intellectuals


We also offer knowledge and materials to research institutions and researchers to perform research that promotes scholarships and inventions that benefit our business or project and stimulates exploration and creativity in the fields of universal social programs, scientific development, public involvement, nutrition and well-being.


  • Law Compliance Including Legal Action


Under the cases mentioned below, we exchange details with the law enforcement officials or in responding to legitimate demands.


How Are the Enjoyxoxo Firms Working Together?

Enjoyxoxo share resources, frameworks and technologies with many other Enjoyxoxo Companies to deliver creative, appropriate, reliable and stable functionality through all of the Enjoyxoxo Company Products you utilize.

We also perceive things regarding you through Enjoyxoxo Companies for all of these reasons, as allowed by relevant law as well as in compliance with the principles and condition.


How Can I Configure or Erase My Details?

We offer you with the opportunity to examine, right, filter & uninstall your information. Read more about this in our Enjoyxoxo Application.

We store information until that is no more required to offer our resources and Enjoyxoxo Goods, or until your profile is deleted-whatever appears first.

This is indeed a case-by - case decision that relies on items including the essence of the information, the reason by which it is gathered and stored, as well as the appropriate laws or organizational preservation requirements.

Once you remove your username, we erase stuff you've written, including your pictures and social standing posts, and you probably wouldn't be able to restore the stuff later. Data that people have posted about you is not part of your profile and will not be erased.

If you do not wish to uninstall your profile but would like to immediately stop utilizing Services, you could erase your profile anyway. To remove your account information, information consults the Enjoyxoxo settings.


How Would We Handle and Exchange Information as Part of Our International Offerings?

We exchange knowledge internationally, including locally inside Enjoyxoxo Entities and publicly with our collaborators and with others that you communicate and interact with around the globe in compliance with this agreement.

Your details can, for instance, be transported or distributed to, or collected and analyzed in countries throughout your home for the reasons mentioned in this Regulation.


How Are We Going to Inform You of Any Modifications to This Policy?

Before making additional changes to this privacy, we will inform you as well as give you the chance to evaluate the new Policy before you want to begin acquiring our Services.