Enjoyxoxo.Com and Its Account Setting Features and Options

Enjoyxoxo is a unique social networking site with some new and user-friendly extraordinary features. The network allows all individuals to express their needs, interest and provides a cool user-friendly interface.

The platform allows the user to make new friends, hooking up, trade and publishing articles, and what not. You can communicate via direct messaging, discussion via room and boards and much more.

So, it’s time to take a ride of this new platform of connecting the world. Just type enjoyxoxo.com and create an account there. Let’s make things simpler for you, elaborate each and every detail of Enjoyxoxo’s Account setting.

You will find the settings option from your profile picture’s drop-down menu. So just click on it. We will proceed in a systematic way from the top setting to the bottom.

1. Account Settings – In this section you will get your registered Email ID and the User Name. it also allows you to make changes as per your need and save if necessary.


2. Edit Profile – This section mainly deals with your personal profile management. In the section, you will get a total of 6 sub-sections.

    1. Basic – The Basic option will find your First name, Last name, relationship status, gender, country, personal website (not mandatory) date of birth and a short textual section to add a small description of yours.
    2. Work – In the Work option you will be given with a provision to add your work title, place of work, and your official work website.
    3. Location – As the name reflects the location which will store your current city and home town. All these setting can be modified or removed when needed.
    4.  Education – the subsection allows you to manage your school and qualification details. It provides a professional boost to profile.
    5. Social Links – It is the best features of Enjoyxoxo where you can list all your social media handle at a single place with any hassle. The social media networking URLs it supports are Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Vkontakte.
    6. Design – The design subsection will provide you with a provision to add your profile background image. The feature adds an authentic look to your profile.

3. Security Settings – This setting option will offer you with all the security-related settings to handle your profile. It offers some advance security implementation for your awesome secure web experience. It mainly offers you with 3 sub-sections, let’s explore them in details:

  1. Password – In this subsection, you will be getting a provision to change your current password with a new password and save it for later logins.
  2. Manage Sessions – It offers you to manage your active login sessions on multiple devices. It will show you all the information about the browser device and its IP. The features allow you to end any of the active sessions without accessing the target device.
  3. Two Factor Authentication – The feature offers two-step security and authentication to your profile. For using this feature, you have to download the Google Authenticator app from google play store or apple’s Appstore.


After downloading the authenticator application add a new account just but scanning the QR Code or by entering the token number manually. Now activate the authenticator by entering the 6-digit verification available in the authenticator application.


4. Privacy It is the 4th option of your profile setting. As the name represents that it will manage and hold all your private details. Using the setting you can enable or disable chatting feature. There is an option email you the newsletters.


Apart from the above settings, you can allow who can poke you. Who can send you gifts, who can post on your wall and many others? By effective setting and adjustment, you can manage all your personal and professional information from the outer community.


5. Notifications – This option offers you with system notifications that will help you to control chat message sound and other notifications sounds. It also allows you to manage email notifications and check or uncheck whether to receive Emails or not.


6. Linked Accounts – By using this section you can link your other social media accounts directly. Here in this setting, you can link Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Vkontakte.


7. Membership – This panel provides you with a variety of membership plans to grab premium features. You will be given with multiple packages with features as per user need and preferences.


8. Affiliates – It is the best section where you can earn from your profile just by enabling the affiliate program. There are 2 sections down here:


    1. My Affiliates – In this section you will get affiliation commission of 2% on every successful referral you perform. In the section, you will get your personal affiliate link. Share it your friends via any social media platform. You can also monitor your money balance.
    2. Payments – In this payments option, you can set withdrawal options via PayPal. The feature also helps in monitoring withdrawal history.


9. Points It is a great option for every user where you can earn points just by spending time in enjoyxoxo.com. As per the official points system, you will earn 8 points for creating a post, 9 points for commenting on any post and 7 points for reacting on any post.


All the points will be collected in your points balance and that can be redeemed in the form of real cash. For every 800 points you will get $1 and each day you can earn only 1000 pints. The money earned by redeeming the points will reflect in your money balance wallet.


10. Coin Payments Transactions – If you are digital freak then you much be well acquainted with cryptocurrency. This section allows you to transact using your cryptocurrency which mainly includes Bitcoins. All the transaction details will reflect in this section.


11. Verification - In the verification setting you can verify your photo and passport and other nationalized identity card. It can be uploaded here for verification purposes. After this, you can also add additional information for fast account verification.


12. Blocking – The feature helps in blocking individuals or groups. If you feel someone is not genuine or very annoying then you can simply use the feature to block him/her. So that the person will not be allowed you to see your things and post on your timeline.


13. Your information – the section is the true copy of your profile where you can select, manage and monitor all your account information. It includes profile info, Friends, followings, followers, pages, groups, events and posts.


14. Apps – In this part of setting you can manage the applications you are using for login. And allow them to share information with them. However, you can also manage the details you want to share.


15. Delete Account – This one is the last option of your profile setting. It allows you to delete your account permanently from enjoyxoxo.com. and this process is not reversible. So be 100% sure before deleting your account


EnjoyXoXo.com – Messages

The EnjoyXoXo.com is an awesome social networking platform with extraordinary features. The platform is very well organized and user friendly where you can post, join groups and make friends.

Adding someone in your friend list is not enough. So, for maintaining a healthy friendship we need to communicate with our buddies and closed ones. The EnjoyXoXo.com offers its users with messaging factifies to chat with friends and relatives.

Here are some of the best features of EnjoyXoXo messaging interface:

  • Text-Based Communication

The messaging platform allows the user to send text messages to their friends. It is a one to one chatting-based communication where users have to type to share thoughts and emotions.


  • Video-Based Calling

This feature allows you to connect a high-quality live video calling with your online friends. The video calling feature offers a real-world communication experience with your friends and loved ones.

To start a video call, you have to select the friend you want to join just by clicking on the green coloured camcorder button.


  • Audio Based Calling

The audio calling feature offers you will audio-based calls where you can’t able to see your friend. It is just a normal voice call between you and your friend. The quality they offer is superb and crystal clear.

Just click on the receiver icon and you will be connected with your special friend or loved ones.


  • File attachment facility

The file attachment features allow you to send photographs, documents and other files to your friends. It is a very convenient feature where you can directly share files without any hassle.

To use the features simply click on the bottom left icon then add your file and send it.


  • Voice recording facility

It is not always possible to call your friend via video or audio calling features. So, for that EnjoyXoXo offers a voice recording facility where you can record your own voice and forward it to your friend.

To use the feature just clicks on the microphone icon next to the file attachment icon.


  • Emojis and Stickers

To make the conversation more entertaining the EnjoyXoXo includes some best quality emojis and stickers. You can express your feelings and emotions just by sending a few combinations of emojis and stickers.

The feature is available just next to the microphone icon, you will find a face like an icon click and explore every sticker and emoji you need.


  • Customizable chatting colour

You can change the chat colour just by clicking on the icon next to the emoji. The feature helps you to differentiate one friend from others or you can use it to maintain a balance between professional and personal life using the colours.


  • Chat Delete Facility

This one is the last and final feature of EnjoyXoXo messaging platform. By using the Delete button you can delete the whole chat at once. The option is available at the top right corner of the chat window.

So here we conclude with all the features EnjoyXoXo.com offers to its users via its messaging features. Just explore all the features and be in touch with your friends and loved ones.


EnjoyXoXo.com – Favorites

Social media networking is not limited to chats and posts. To make the game more interesting EnjoyXoXo.com introduces some best features. Here we are going to discuss its favourites section including its features and effectiveness as per the real world.

  1. News Feed – This section offers a variety of news feeds and recent updates. You will get all the popular posts from your friends and groups. The section offers 3 subsections mentioned below:
  2. Recent Updates – it offers you with recent updates posted by your friends or groups. It allows you to read articles, post and also you can like, comment and share the posts if you want.
  3. Popular Posts – In this section, you see all the Popular and latest stories published in the EnjoyXoXo.com. It not only offers popular posts and stories of your friends but also from other individuals. You can like, share and comment if you prefer.
  • Discover Posts – By using this option you can explore a variety of articles and posts by the users. It not only offers you an article from your friends but also from other individuals. You can search for any specific articles as per your interest.


  1. My Articles – Here you will get all your posted articles and you can manage them as per your need. It also offers you to add a new article with all features like a professional blog. The interface allows you to add article title, a content area with all writing tools, cover image, category and tags.


  1. My Products – The section provides a user to list all his/her products and sell them directly to the customers via EnjoyXoXo.com. Listing a product is very simple just add the product name, its price, category, status, location and a detailed description with photos.


  1. Saved Posts – If you love exploring posts and want to same some exciting and attractive posts of your friends or relatives. EnjoyXoXo.com allows you to save the posts and all your saved posts will be available in this section.


  1. Memories – It is a precious and must needed to feature every social networking platform should have. The feature allows you to store all your past auspicious memories and you will be reminded every year which will revive all your beautiful memories again and again. The memories it includes are birthdays of friends and family, trips, special occasions and functions and a lot.

EnjoyXoXo.com offers some great features to its users. Its favourites section comes with multiple facilities and features to enrich the overall feel and experience of social media networking. The platform not only helps you to communicate with your buddies but also help you to sell your products online. So, enjoy the features at fullest and have fun.



EnjoyXoXo.com – Explore

If you are a social networking freak and love to explore a variety of features the platform offers to its users. Then enjoyXoxo.com is the best platform out in the market that can offer a next-level experience. The features it comes with are quite unique and can’t be compared with any other platform to date. So, let's check what makes EnjoyXoXo.com better from others.

  1. People – The features allow you to search and discover new people across the EnjoyXoXo.com. You can perform personalized search options which includes multiple searching parameters. The search paraments are distance in miles, keywords, Gender, relationship and online Status. It also helps you to manage friend requests and sent friend racquets too.


  1. Pages – In the pages tab, you will be getting an authority to like the variety of pages. It also manages your previous liked pages and your own self-created pages too. The features are not limited here as it helps you to create a new page of yours. A new page creation requires page name, web address, category and a short description.


  1. Groups – The feature is very important and beneficial for those who prefer to join a specific community. In this segment, you will get all the groups available and can join them just by clicking on the join button. It also allows you to manage your previously joined groups.


If you want to create your own group then just click on the + icon then enter the group name, web address, select the Privacy, the category and a short description about the group.


  1. Events – In the event section, you will get all the details about the upcoming events around you. It may be a virtual event or an organized event at our nearby area. Here in this section, you are allowed to list event as per your interest. You can sort events as per you’re going schedule, interest and invitation.


  1. Blogs – if you love to spend time reading a variety of articles then this section is best for you. EnjoyXoXo.com includes some best innovative ways to attract every individual to their platform. The blog feature allows a user to explore a variety of articles of different genre and categories as per user taste and interest.


  1. Marketplace – If you love shopping especially on weekends then this feature is best for you. EnjoyXoXo.com avails its users with a full-sized eCommerce portal within the platform. You can buy a variety of things in just a few simple clicks. The shopping interface is well organized and sorted via products and their categories.


  1. Forums – the features like groups and pages are quite common nowadays with most of the social media networking platform. Here EnjoyXoXo.com enhances the to a next level by adding a feature of Forums. It allows the user to discuss a topic related to any subject or any trending topic around the globe. You can also create threads and add replies to other users’ questions. The experience is very unique and useful.


  1. Movies – Did you ever noticed any social media networking platform that offers you with the latest movies within the portal? If No, then EnjoyXoXo.com fulfils this feature for all its users. Now you can enjoy your favourite movies with your family without purchasing monthly movie package subscriptions like Netflix. The movies section includes all types of movies including action, animation and what’s not.


  1. Games – A social media networking platform without the feature of gaming doesn’t go to work in today’s world. So, for that EnjoyXoXo.com offers its users with a bunch of games to play with without installing any setup files. Just tap on the play button and enjoy your game.


  1. Developers – If you are an application developer then EnjoyXoXo.com is the best social networking platform for you. It includes application creation features for developers. For developing you need to register, configure and develop the app using their APIs. A successful app creation with providing you with App ID and app secret.


Finally, EnjoyXoXo.com offers some extraordinary features for its users. The more you explore the best experience you have. There is no platform out in the market which deals with such features. The platform is a perfect blend of innovation with excellence. In this 21st century technology is changing every day and ExjoyXoXo.com is the true example of it.


EnjoyXoXo.com- Advertising

EnjoyXoXo.com is a surprising website that is a combination of fun and all updated facilities. Beside Favorites, Explore option there is also Advertising option for commercial purpose. You can utilize a fund here, serves your advertisement for your visitors, you can offer any commodity to purchase it or sell any unique concept in the form of advertisement. Here we are defining the Advertising option and its beautiful features how much it is effective for the users.

  1. Ads Manager- From amazing Ads Manager feature you can create a new campaign, manage your ads and you can access your wallet easily. Here you can achieve two subsections described below-

Ads Campaigns- If you like to create your own campaign you can click this New Campaign option under My Campaign parameters. New Campaign offers you to the detailed of Campaigning section. You can check your recent wallet credit from here.

There are various options like Campaign title from where you can set your desired title for your Campaign. Then you will get Campaign start date where you can set Campaign start DateTime UTC. The next option is Campaign end date from here you can fix the Campaign end DateTime UTC.

Next subsection is for Campaign budget that offers to set a budget and if the budget is reached its last stoppage, the campaign will be stopped automatically.  You can check Campaign Bidding from where you can arrange per click payment between $ 0.05 and $ 0.01. There is another option for the target audience and it delivers the first option for setting your audience country.

Following options are for applying gender and relationship among the audience. Here the EnjoyXoXo.com advances you to count as a number of the potential reach people. You can add Title for your Ads here under Ads Detail sub-point and Ads Title parameter.  The Ads Description box gives you the advantage to set a description for your Ads which contain 200 characters maximum.

Next choice is for Advertise For that searches for a URL. You can advertise here and that URL bears a link one of your pages, groups or events. Next option is target URL where you can enter your URL that you want to advertise for. The next Ads Placement option delivers 2 choices of Newsfeed and Sidebar. You can add images under Ads Image point which must be of .jpg, .png, .gif formats. And filling these options there are Publish option to express your Campaign. Yet if you don’t want to enjoy this option you will get Go Back option freely.

Wallet- We collect money and spend it from a wallet. EnjoyXoXo.com social networking site is delivering you the same benefits of send and transfer your money under Wallet sub-division.  There are three options one is Your Credit, and Send and Receive Money and another is Wallet Transactions.

  1. Boosted Posts- In the Advertising bullets, the next parameter is Boosted Posts. The features and advantages will be published very soon under this option.


  1. Boosted Pages- And last one option in the same tab of Advertising is Boosted Pages. But it’s unique characteristics and details will reveal very soon.