Pro packages of XoXo

XoXo is an online social networking forum that is used to build a public profile and to increase connection with others who are also enjoying that app. It’s an entertaining social networking platform from where a person can join with a list of amazing offers. Along with this people can share their interest, backgrounds, any incident connected with their real-life or social life.

But there is a twist for network-savvy people who demands more than the recent version. XoXo has expresses its Pro Packages who are eager to thrill the new appearances. There is a variety of amazing pack depends on validity, duration and features. You don’t need to worry. It’s of cheap rate and variety of prices. Which pack suits with you mostly first choose than plan and then enjoy the all the plan simultaneously. Any plan won’t harass you. These exciting Pro packages and its details are listed below for your conveniences-

  • Starter $8 Plan - The first one amazing pack named with Starter. In a daily version, this Starter Plan will give you a membership called featured. It’s not a verified badge but it will give benefits of boosting up to 5 posts and 5 pages daily. Per the 30-day basis, you can luxuriate the app with just $8 coin. It’s a chance to taste If you like the new upgrade version and its features or not of XoXo. The least payable plan won’t feel you as a waste of money rather than a big amount.

If you want to purchase the starter plan click to ‘Buy Now’ button. The payment options will you five different methods like PayPal, Credit Card, Alipay, Coin payments, and Wallet Credit. Which one is most comfortable with you choose that to pay. There is a direct link to fill up the details of your account number and email-id.

  • Hot $ 10 Plan - The second one plan is known as Hot pack. The name of the pack is explaining what the magic hides behind it. Just against $10, you can start to enjoy the XoXo app. It’s a week-based plan which will give you featured membership title. But It’s not certified as a verified badge by the XoXo app. You can enjoy the advantages of boost up to 10 posts. And what’s about the Boosted pages? It’s 10 pages daily in a week. So totally you can enjoy the same number of post and pages against your paid amount.

If you like this plan more from the starter plan click to ‘Buy Now’ button just under the benefits list. You can see there are some five different methods of payment options which are PayPal, Credit Card, Alipay, Coin payments, and Wallet Credit. You can go for your most comfortable option to enjoy the app utmost. There you will get the direct link to fill up the details of your account number and email-id. It will take just 2 minutes. So why are you waiting for? Achieve it and feel its hotness.

  • Ultimate $ 20 Plan - What are you thinking? Do you want to buy a long -time pro package of this delicate app? Then go for the Ultimate $20 plan which will deliver 30 days exploring option. Whether the above two packages can’t deliver the verified badge this pack is giving this wonderful choice. You can express yourself as a featured membership too. It will give you 50 posts for boost up and 50 pages to explore.

You can freely utilize the app without any ending tension. If you think this plan is more convenience from the other plan click to ‘Buy Now’ button just under the benefits list. There are also PayPal, Credit Card, Alipay, Coin payments, and Wallet Credit option for your payment. You can go for this most pleasant and pocket-friendly option to enjoy the XoXo app ultimately.

  • VIP $ 200 Plan - The Last one and most appreciable pro-package is this VIP plan. It’s a one-year plan that will deliver you a warm welcome in the wonderful app whole out the year. If you are thinking it’s a hectic process to recharge again and again then this yearly option is for you. From this pack, you will get definitely featured membership with all benefits.

It’s verified badge and You can boost up to 300 posts and roaming up to 300 pages. What are you thinking? It’s not an amazing number to swipe the app? This plan also gives you the same option of above like PayPal, Credit Card, Alipay, Coin payments, and Wallet Credit option for your payment of just $ 200 against one-year membership. Which option is most likeable for you, click on it and give your details like account number and your email-id to achieve it.

Here are the benefits for a single glance-

  Plan name  Starter   $8 Plan  Hot $10  Plan  Ultimate $20 Plan  VIP $200   Plan
Validity 1 day only 7 days or a week only 30 days only 365 days or a year only
Featured Membership
Badge verification x x
Boosted up posts only 5 posts great 10 posts amazing 50 posts surprising 300 posts
Boosted up pages only 5 pages great 10 pages amazing 50 pages surprising 300 pages


If you have any interest to share any advertise, serve any fund to care for any person or selling any product by the app the boosted pages co-operate you to fulfil your dreams with this plan. The free app can’t deliver unlimited sharing and if you want to do it the stunning pack is there for you. Choose any one of these short terms or long-term basis app. When you enjoy every advantage click on Ultimate or VIP plan. But if you worried about budget and your practical experience then go for the Starter or Hot plan. The beautiful features must attract you.