Reporting Copyright Infringement on Enjoyxoxo.Com

If you find someone using your content on Enjoyxoxo by infringing your copyright. You can lodge one or multiple actions mentioned below:

  • You can report it and reach our customer support team.
  • It is your sole responsibility to registered your copyright infringement report or counter report with us. All the information should satisfy the laws and norms of DMCA.
  • If you already contact your DMCA agent then you must mention all necessary details including your copyright claim in the report.


Points to Note:

  • The copyright infringement report van only is filed by the copyright owner or its official representative.
  • We include the following information in the copyright claim report such as the Owner’s name, the email address, and other essential information about the report. So, we recommend you to provide us with genuine business or professional Email.


Information You Must Include in Your Copyright Report to Enjoyxoxo

The best and the simplest method to submit your copyright infringement report to us is via online. However, there is another method where you need to provide the following details:

  • The report must include your complete contact information including mailing address, phone number and full name.
  • Provide a proper detailed description of the content on our official website that you are claiming copyright infringement.
  • The information provided by you must be sufficient enough for our proper analysis of the content on our website. It is always recommended to provide the exact web address to deal with the infringing content.
  • A Declaration stating that the information you noticed and provided is accurate.
  • The report must be concluded with an electronic signature or physical signature of the owner.


When You Submit A Copyright Infringement Report to Enjoyxoxo

As soon as you submit a copyright infringement report to us online or via email, you will be notified with an automated email. The email contains information about the report, with a unique report serial number with other additional information.

For further information about the report, you need to contact us and provide the report serial number for further assistance. We always recommend you to provide us with detailed information about the report for better understand and it also helps us to deal in a better way.

You are advised to provide us with the report serial number for better support. Your healthy participation will help us to resolve the copyright infringement.


The information we provide you with your report includes:

  • Registered report number
  • Right’s Owner’s full name
  • The email address of the reporting authority
  • Comprehensive details of the report
  • Proper instructions to submit your appeal


Content Posted by You on Enjoyxoxo Was Removed Because It Was Against Copyright Infringement Laws

When your content will be removed by us because of the violation of intellectual property report as per the data.

On removal of your content from Enjoyxoxo we will be informing you via proper notification. The notification may include all the details of the content original owner and other copyright infringement details and laws.


An appeal against the content removal

Content removal based on DMCA copyright claim always may not be proper or accurate. So, if you are confident enough that your content is unique and removed mistakenly without proper claim then recounter an appeal with us. We will provide you with proper instruction to raise an appeal via message.

If your content was removed under the report or counter report of DMCA then you are allowed to file a counter DMCA report. All the instructions will be available to you via messaging.


Enjoyxoxo Process Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Counter-Notifications

If your content is taken down under the DMCA, then you will be notified via proper means. You are allowed to submit a counter appeal if you feel that your content was removed without proper reason.

As soon as we receive a valid counter appeal from your end satisfying all the norms and criteria of DMCA, then we will escalate the appeal to the concerned copyright claim authority.

The counter-report contains information including your contact details for mutual contact. If the copyright claimer doesn’t notify us with a court-filed action then we will be restoring the content with 14 working days.

All information will be notified to you via email. The restoration process may take time due to unpredictable technical limitations.


The Information Enjoyxoxo Provides to The Individual Who Posted the Content

Once we receive any copyright infringement claim via our online or helpline sources and the specific content was removed as per the claim. We always provide full detailed information to the individual with proper reasons which includes:

  • The registered report number
  • The Owner’s name raising the copyright claim
  • The emailing address received of the Report raising party
  • Details of the copyright report
  • Proper step by step instructions to submit a counter appeal


The individual whose content was removed because of the copyright claim may contact the owner for better case handling. So Enjoyxoxo always recommends you to submit valid professional or business email address.

In Some cases, we are also contacted by fax or via helpline numbers. Enjoyxoxo is only allowed to provide the report number ad with the report description. For additional information, you are requested to contact the user who posted the copyright content.