Women reject guys for these five reasons:.

The joy I had as I approached a woman swiftly changed to apprehension. I felt accomplished as I walked away from the scenario. Not the woman, but rather the agonizing fear of being rejected that drove home the point. When I've approached a woman, she's never said, What are you

Inquiring minds want to know whether they can identify with this story.

A guy is at a bar, club, or party and observes a gorgeous lady. He decides to approach her and begin a conversation. To prepare for his conversation with her, he imagines how successful it will be. His pulse rate and breathing quicken, a knot forms in his stomach, and he begins to worry about being rejected as he makes those initial steps toward her. In the end, he decides not to approach the lady, and he just walks away. He wanted to get away from the agony and pressure, and he knew that walking away was the only way to do it.


When I think back, I realize how many times I was that person. When I approached a lady, I had a lot of excitement, but it quickly turned into apprehensive energy. I could go from a high of level 10 energy to a low of level 10 energy in a matter of seconds! Walking away from the situation made me feel like I had done something; "I dodged a possible calamity, hurrah me!"


In those moments, it wasn't the lady who rejected me, but rather the dread of being rejected that was so excruciatingly terrible. In a way, I was rejecting myself in order to be with her instead of accepting myself. And what I soon realized is that women never reject you outright. I've never had a lady say, "Oh, hi," to me when I've approached her "What are you talking about, ew? Do you even have a mirror in your house, and do you realize how ugly you look? You're a loser, and I won't go out with you!" It is possible that a lady told a man anything like that, but I have never encountered one.

It was far more common for me to be told things like, "I'm here with someone," "I have a partner," "I'm not searching for someone right now," or "No, but thank you." What I found was that when ladies would do or say these things, I wasn't heartbroken for a long time, no one laughed at me or made a big deal out of it, and no one around me made a big deal out of making fun of me either. A few minutes later, I had forgotten about it, and I was back to my old self.

The realization that a lady saying "No," "I have a boyfriend," or reacting in a different manner than I expected was not rejection needed some maturing on my part. Even if you're disappointed that you didn't receive the outcome you were hoping for, this does not indicate you've been rejected.


How do I respond when men ask me how to deal with women? "what they're saying is, "It's time to stop thinking of it as rejection." In order to get a better response, you should ask yourself how to overcome your fear of rejection."


So let's take a look at some of the various reasons why a woman would do or say the things that men regard as "rejection" before we get into that. Observing the common behaviors of males that lead to statements like "I have a boyfriend" or "No, but thank you," I can't help but remember how I used to be.


Things like as:


The Physical Signs of Anxiety


A lot of males don't even know what they're saying, but you can be sure that women are always aware of his body language. It's common for guys to make eye contact with women as they approach them. Most men make the mistake of looking away or focusing on other parts of her face, such as her lips or nose, instead of staying focused on her. It's common for males to believe they're being cool by avoiding making eye contact with her, but this will almost always come across to her as the man being uneasy since he approached her.

The fact that he is fidgeting or waving excessively while he is thinking about what to say or how to answer, or when he is just listening, is another sign of anxious behavior that men tend to overlook. Some of the men I've worked with were absolutely oblivious that they were fidgeting or waving erratically till I pointed it out to them. Relaxation and comfort are communicated via your body language, regardless of what you say. When a guy's voice rises at certain points during a conversation with a woman, it's a clear indicator that he's anxious. Even a few trembles in his voice are enough to convey your unease with her. It doesn't matter whether a male does one or all of these things; the effect on a woman's interest in you romantically is significantly diminished.


Blown Away by a Bad Appointment


At one of the clubs I frequent, I was struck by a show that I could identify with, but also one that I've seen many other men engage in.

Three ladies were gathered around a table, one of whom was distraught and the other two were trying to comfort her. When a stranger approached the agitated individual, he remarked, "What's the matter, buddy? Let me buy you a drink since you're such a lovely woman." "No thank you," the distraught lady respectfully said. "I'm not going to give up," he said "Come on, let's have something to drink together. We'll all have a drink on me." The lady, clearly disturbed, spoke the following words: "No, we're perfectly alright. However, I'd like to have a private conversation with a few of my close pals." As for your loss, that's on you, he replied.

Even though he may have been sincere in his desire to help the lady feel better, this gentleman had no idea how to approach the other woman in such a circumstance. "Your loss" statement was a sign that he took the incident personally.

During another occasion, I saw a man approach two women in queue for the ladies room at a different club. Inquiring about their enjoyment, he pulled up close to them. One said, "Are you having a nice time waiting for the ladies room?" and then she and a companion started laughing together. "So are you residents or visiting from someplace?" he said as he stood there. They didn't even look at him; they simply carried on their conversation as usual. If you're here alone, he went on to say, "I have a VIP table you can join if you'd like." They answered, "OK, maybe," and went on with their chat, ignoring the man. After telling them where to locate the VIP table, he walked away.

This guy is a dunderhead! Trying to pick up ladies while they're waiting in line to use the restroom is about as sad as a lawyer putting his card into the pocket of an accident victim as the victim is being placed into an ambulance.......... It's unnerving to be accosted by women in the restroom queue.


Violations of the "Comfort Bubble"


Some males would touch or put their arm around a lady while saying, "Oh you are so cute," in an effort to seem calm or relaxed, thereby violating her "comfort bubble." Because of this, it becomes incredibly difficult if the man has previously approached and shown uneasy behavior, which makes it seem like the person is clinging or seeking acceptance.

In the eyes of the lady, it seems as if you had stated, "I believe I have no chance with you, therefore I want to at least claim that I touched you." To physically touch her while you're laughing is another horrible comfort bubble breach. Even if such conduct is OK later, after you've spent approximately an hour conversing and developing a good connection, you should still restrict how frequently you do it.


Having an Overly Complimentary Attitude


One, many, many times, I've been guilty of this. Make an impression and convince the girl to date you by agreeing with her, even if you don't feel that way. In an effort to demonstrate her that they have same interests, a man ends up being too accommodating and he loses her interest. It's not only about stating what you agree with; it may also be as simple as nodding your head in agreement all the time. According to a number of experts, nodding your head while she speaks shows that you're paying attention and helps create rapport. Head nodding is a great way to show that you're paying attention, but excessive head nodding might really come off as a sign of insecurity!


* Keeping an Eye on Her or Keeping an Ear on Her


Male listeners often misunderstand what I mean when I warn about "following a lady around" and respond with "Oh, I don't that." When a lady is followed around at a club, it's also a good idea to keep an eye out for her everywhere she goes. For instance, a man and a woman were having a conversation when the lady abruptly excused herself to apply some powder to her nose. Do not fear if this occurs to you, since this alone does not imply anything negative. As soon as she emerged from the restroom, she decided to take a stroll around the club rather than go back to where she and the man had been conversing before. The man tracked her down and made his way to her location. It sounded clingy and as though the man had no one else to speak to, which turned her off. In fact, she revealed to me that she had been interested in him before he did that since she was a friend of mine.

Another major issue for men is procrastination. Lingering is not merely a matter of staying where you are even when there are stretches of quiet. The lingering of this sort is also really awful, although men tend to be unaware of it for some reason. It occurs when there is a constant flow of talk, yet the woman is the primary participant. Guy remarks or expresses his viewpoint, and he does not realize that for most of the time the woman is ignoring him since the lady or someone in her group could respond to him. The most common reason for this is because the woman senses that the guy is trying too hard to blend in with her and the rest of the group. People can tell when someone is only participating in the discussion for the sake of being a part of it, rather than having a true interest or fascination with the topic at hand. While the male may try to look cool or "mysterious" in these circumstances, she sees straight through it. You destroy your chances of getting accepted or attracting a lady by attempting to be a part of something in the hopes of doing so.


By now, you should realize that most men are "rejected" because of the things they do and say and the way they act.

So, now that I've discussed some of the more typical reasons why men get "rejected," it's time to discuss how to overcome your "fear of rejection." The knowledge I've given you will help you avoid performing the things I've just listed, as you'll see when you put it into practice. To overcome my fear of rejection, I learned that picturing success rather than failure with the lady I was going to approach helped me. To be honest, it took a lot of repetition before I could approach a lady without feeling intimidated, but it worked. This led to better and better outcomes for me, since ladies were nearly always receptive.


Understanding that women, like you, dread rejection may go a long way toward helping you visualize success with the women you approach. Despite the popular belief that attractive women are immune to rejection, this is not always the case. They worry that women'll come off as a ditz or seem foolish, and they experience the same uncomfortable silences that men do while talking to a potential suitor.

Before, I thought it was a ploy to get praises when a stunning lady would add, "Sorry, that sounded so silly, huh?" I've learned, though, that the lady actually is worried about how she sounds! "If I say something like that, I clearly care about what his view is of me or I wouldn't have said it," a strikingly attractive acquaintance of mine commented in reference to this. Isn't it an excellent point?

During a night out, you may have overheard a lady complaining about being dragged to the club by her pals or saying, "My girlfriend forced me go out tonight." Even if that's the reality, it's common for a woman to say something like that in order to project a specific image on you. Some women worry that they'll come across as a wild party girl or promiscuous if they go out in public. It's possible that she enjoys going to bars or other social gathering places, but she wants you to know that it's not always necessary for her to spend time with you in these kinds of settings. It's just one example of how women and men communicate differently.

I've come to the conclusion that gorgeous women are more self-conscious about how others see them the more attractive they are. The agony and shame of spilling a drink on yourself might be far worse for a beautiful lady than it is for an average-looking woman. In order to establish a wonderful personality, even if a lady has beautiful looks, she must first work on her own character. And while it is widely believed that stunning looking women just rely on their looks, otherwise known as "gold diggers," even those type of stunning women are still concerned about rejection and want to impress the guy. In my previous life, I knew a "money digger" who was often upset because it looked as if the person she was seeing was losing interest in her. The fact that he had been purchasing her pretty much everything she asked for wasn't the problem. He didn't start phoning less regularly, so it wasn't a reason for worry for either her or her family members. That wasn't the first thing that worried her, though; they'd have intense sex on a frequent basis. Concerned with his lack of interest in what she had to say whether she told him about a hilarious incident from the day before, or some new knowledge she had discovered, she told him about her worries. In other words, she felt like she was boring him to tears. It's worth taking a closer look. He was buying her anything she wanted, spending the same amount of time with her, and having sex with her.

It persisted at the same frequency and level. Only her view of what he thought of her had altered. Even a "money digger" is concerned about a guy's rejection. When it comes to the next time you see a beautiful lady you want to approach, this should help alleviate some of your anxiety.


However, I'm not done yet. There is nothing wrong with knowing that women are afraid of being rejected, but it doesn't help you conquer your own fear of rejection, either.


To that end, here are a few suggestions:


When you're going about your day, you may observe and approach


This is a good first step in overcoming your fear of being rejected. When you're in a coffee shop, a restaurant, a bookstore, or the mall, pay attention to how males approach the ladies you're sitting next to. Observing a person's body language is more important than listening to what they are saying. Listen to how he stands and gestures while he is speaking with her. Look at her body language and the way she looks at him. Once you've done it a few times, you'll discover something intriguing. The body language of the man and woman will tell you whether they're anxious or connected, even if you don't know each other. In most cases, even if they didn't speak, you may remember seeing a stranger and getting the impression that they were anxious or furious or disturbed despite without saying a word. Each and every one of us has the ability to "read" someone's emotions via their body language. Unfortunately, most men fail to make advantage of this innate ability to read a woman's body language and understand what his own body language is saying to her while conversing with her. Observing just a few of these encounters will provide you a wealth of knowledge. People who were apprehensive and those who seemed confident had comparable body language, as you'll see below. It's also possible to learn how to recognize your own anxious body language and modify it so that you look more confident! One of the best things about this is that it truly makes you feel more confident as you change your body language to one that is more assertive!

As a part of this, I recommend that you get into the practice of meeting and conversing with women on a regular basis. To avoid failure, men frequently set themselves up for failure by planning to meet women rather than just engaging with women wherever they are. As a result, it will take you longer to overcome your apprehension of rejection if you place so much pressure on yourself. Even if a lady you're chatting to "rejects" you because you're at an electronics shop to purchase a flash drive, there's no need to feel bad about it. In addition, approaching ladies in this manner will help you get into the habit of doing so, which is a lot simpler than simply going out to a bar and doing it. There are two primary "issues" that you may tackle at the same time: you will learn how to improve your body language and you can use it while approaching ladies.


One of the other advantages of seeing males approach women is that you can see that even when the man is "rejected," it ends well most of the time. No matter how snobby the guy is, it usually ends with a "It was nice to meet you" sort of farewell. To assist you eliminate the worst-case scenarios you've imagined, look at it this way.


Plan in advance


The majority of males fail to prepare ahead when it comes to engaging with women.


What a man would say to a lady when he first approaches her


When it comes to approaching women, men want to know how to do it, but they don't practice first. This makes it much more difficult for them to come up with an appropriate response when the time comes. What I mean by this is that you should have a few go-to items on hand that you can use in any occasion, not just one "packaged" routine or "pick-up" line. Once you have a few ideas of what to say, you need to practice speaking it before you go out in the real world." You don't have to perform it aloud; you may do it in your brain instead. You'll save time and be more prepared when it's time to approach her with your offer.


"Rejecting" him: what he'll say and do next.


As soon as a woman responds, "I already have a partner" or "No, but thank you," most men react incorrectly. Body language that conveys defeat is common among men who walk away from a situation with slouched shoulders. It's not uncommon for males to say anything to the effect of "saving face." Some men are going to call her names. Some men, on the other hand, will keep at it in the incorrect manner. "Cool, bring him along, I'd love to meet him," I used to say when a lady told me she had a boyfriend. Due to my current fascination in people's romantic relationships, I want to inquire about how they met and what drew her to him.

These are things I'd rehearsed in the event that they were required. Think about how you can calmly respond to "I have a boyfriend" or "No, thanks" and then mentally practice it before heading out. You'll be able to handle the "rejection" you dread more easily if you're prepared for it, and in a short period of time you'll begin to fear it less.


3. Write It Down


In order to overcome my fear of rejection, I utilized journaling as one of the finest tools I had. In my journal, I would give a quick description of how she reacted when I approached, what I said, and what she said that either rejected me or stopped the interaction. What if? I'd write down what I could have said that would have been better if I had caught it at the time, and then go back and review it to see if there was anything I could have done differently. Initially, I used this to improve my approach to women and my ability to persuade them to speak to me for longer. Even more fascinating was the discovery that I'd observed a trend in my own conduct when I reviewed a few of these diary entries. With the help of other talents that had been acquired through time, my interactions with women were much improved.


For a long time, I couldn't figure out what was going on and realized that just because a lady spoke to me didn't imply she was attracted to me.

It took me a long time and a lot of work to consistently arouse the interest of ladies, but it was well worth the effort. I used to believe that certain men were just "lucky" in their pursuit of gorgeous women, but after learning the truth, I'm convinced that this has nothing to do with chance. For me, the most important part of the process was learning how to communicate my knowledge in a manner such that any guy could utilize it to attract women on a daily basis.


Putting in the time and effort to get there was also difficult, but eventually rewarding. Take use of your free time and effort by checking out my curriculum, Fire of Seduction. Make women feel attracted to you by breaking down the process into simple, step by steps exercises and tactics that every man may do right now. With my word-for-word descriptions, you will know precisely how to go from the "initial approach" all the way up until you become personal with your date.


I recommend starting with my free program, Unleashing The Phoenix, to have a better grasp of the principles and build on your self-esteem and confidence before moving on. In this book, you'll learn the mentality and tactics you need in order to begin attracting women and achieving success in other aspects of your life.


You're in my thoughts, my buddy, and I hope you're doing well.


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