Help you reveal some magical questions to ask a girl. 

It has been a long time since we have been in-home quarantine, though everything is getting better daily. But, still, we are feeling bored, as there is nothing so enjoyable to do. 

To avoid this boredom, we always scroll through the newsfeed, doing double tap, but nothing gives that much entertainment. 

Do you feel the same? Want a thunder spark in your life? What about making new friends? Girls can easily do that, but if you are a boy and willing to speak with a girl, it will be a brainstorming job. Isn't it? Because we don't know what questions to ask a girl. 

Don't worry, dude… Here is your PANDORA's BOX, where you will get all the magical questions to ask a girl. Stick till the end to reveal the details. 

Girls are very sophisticated people, so generous to handle, and they like humorous guys to talk to for a long time. Don't you want to be one of their good buddies?

Then be straight and tighten your seatbelt. 

I don't know how many of you know that girls are very moody and demanding. 

That's why you didn't get a good response from her most of the time. 

But from now, it won't happen. As per their mode and their sense of humour, we divided these questions into three-part, i.e.  

Childhood Memories, 


and Funny.

You will get a few daring questions to ask a girl because some girls like that. 

Without wasting any more time, let's start the blog. 

Without Creating Any Awkward Situation, You Can ASK THESE QUESTIONS TO A GIRL:- 



Do you still have your favourite childhood toy?

Most of the girls are still attached to their childhood memories. So, instead of an HI, HELLO, it will give you the space to talk to her. 

When you were a little princess, what was the dream you wanted to be when you grew up? And do you still want it?

These are just excellent questions to ask a girl, as these spark them a lot and girls will feel more comfortable with you and would love to share more and more about themselves. So, you must try these, Be a MAN!!!!

What is your favourite Childhood Memory?

This is the best question that every girl likes to reply to, as she recalls her memories again, which makes her happy to talk to you. 

What do you use to like most as a kid?

Maybe she used to love books, drawing, or playing video games…. But once you ask this, she will be happy to reveal her favourite pastime of her childhood. 

Do you still remember your childhood dream?

She will be amazed to hear this from you because very few of her friends or close ones bother to care about her childhood dream. So, once you ask that, you will automatically create extra space in her life. Just go for it. 

Would you mind sharing the happiest moment of your childhood?

Asking this question, you will take her to the most pleasant memories of her. There is no doubt that she is going to love this and would love to share her happiest moment of childhood. 



All girls are not so friendly that they allow you to discuss their childhood memory. Then what will you do? Those who don't like to discuss their childhood are much more practical girls, and you can win their attraction with some witty questions only. 

A girl can't ignore you if you impress her with your comic sense. 

What is the thing you like most about yourself?

A confident girl always loves herself and knows herself well (including her bad habits and good habits). So this question bound her to think about herself, which led you to the next question. 

What Changes Will Bring, If You Were Elected The President?

This question blows her mind and lightens up her face with excitement. When you ask this, it will show her that you are the one who notices her confidence and believes in her potential. This question works on every single girl you can ask. 

Suppose You Need To Live On An ISLAND; What Will Be The 3 Things You Will Take With You?

If a girl isn't your friend, then she can be bored within a brief period. So, to make her active, you can ask this question to a girl. It will help you make her brain active and insist she type the answer for you. 

What Superpower do You Wish To Have?

After asking the above questions, that lady is now comfortable with you to continue the chatting. And that moment, you can make her smile with this question. Definitely, she would love to answer. 

Which Is Your Worst Job Profile?

Stories about her horrible boss, dominating HR and colleagues are always the most entertaining questions you can ask, and she would love to discuss. It will help her express the grievance, and she feels good to share that with you. 

Have you ever Protested or Boycotted anything?

If the lady is not friendly, this is the best question you can start a conversation with. It will allow you to know her very well. 

Is there anything, You sincerely want to do but do not try for it?

It will prove that you are not such a creepy guy who only asks the same boring questions and iterates the girls. You can request this question, and I guarantee you will get a good response. 




These are the common questions you can ask a girl. Girls may be arrogant and may not be open-minded, but if you can make her smile, you are the best person ever to chat with. 

What Are The First Things You Would Grab, If Your House Is On FIRE?

This is an unexpected question for her. But when you ask this question to her, she smiles or laughs at you. So in that way, you can also know her priorities in life. 

If You Got Stuck In Your Life, What Song Will You Listen to?

This is another funny question she will receive from you, and love to answer this. In that way, you will know about her taste for music. 

What Is The Meaning Of Your Name?

This isn't a funny question at all. But she loves it when you ask her this question. She would love to explain her name and all. So in that way also, you can start communicating. 

If You Need To Jump Into A Pool Full Of Something Your Favorite Things, What Would That Be?

This type of question makes a girl realize and compelled to think about your presence of mind, comic sense. Of course, the answer can be awkward, but you can know about her choices. So, ask it. It will help you to chat with her with confidence. Also, it will help you to understand what type of personality she carries. 

If You Have The Power To Live Anywhere Across The World, What Place It Would Be?

Believe Me; she loved this question very much and laughed aloud. Because every girl has a dream place to stay there, when you hammer on that point, she would love to laugh and type the honest answer to you. 

How do you feel when no one is looking at you?

We all know girls are addicted to attention. So, whenever you ask this question to her, she will give you a reply. In that way, you will understand her motive, and you can communicate the rest on your own. 

Few Daring Types Of Questions To Ask a Girl

Remember, these questions are not for all. Before asking this question to a girl, you have to understand her motive and nature. These questions are only for those ladies who love to receive dare. 

Do you ever feel that you have some insecurities in your life?

Very few girls love to admit this as this is a profound and daring question. So, if that lady knows her well and is never ashamed of sharing this, she will appreciate your dare. 

Would You mind sharing one of your secrets?

This is a daring question to ask a girl, but you can go for it. Of course, she may not share this with you if you are not too close to her. But if you are, then she will love to share. 

What is your biggest fear?

Ask her to tell this so that you can help her to conquer this fear. Be a supportive person to allow her to deal with. 

How Do These Questions Work?

You may think that, do these questions work at all? But, if you are a shy guy and scared to talk with a girl, this question is the first thing still hammering you to gain courage. 

After doing a lot of research, we concluded that these are the best questions you can ask a girl. That is why we divided these questions into 3 to 4 categories. 

Before typing or messaging, your first job will be to check her profile to get an idea about her choices. Then you can start communication with her using the questions mentioned above. 

That's a guarantee; your message will not be in the category of "Seen but not typing". You will definitely get an instant reply. 

After using a few questions from Pandora's Box, you will comfortably communicate the rest. So, take it easy, and start typing to make new friends. 

What are the differences between standard HI, HELLO and these researched questions?

This is not just a blog. We notice many articles on what the questions need to ask a girl, but none of these is well decorated. So you will only get a few questions; those don't feel at all. 

Here, we describe each question; when you ask any of them, what reaction you will get is also mentioned. It will always keep you confident to talk with a girl. 

Now come to the difference between the Hi, Hello message and our questions to ask a girl:

There are so many differences. Let's have a look:

● Girls are bored of receiving a letter like Hi, Hello, Good Morning types wishes. So, these researched questions will keep you out of this crowd. 

● Girls are born pretty, so anyone will love to flirt with them. And usually, their first attempt will be Hey, what's up? And if you are like one of those creepy guys, then your entry will be restricted initially. So, don't dare to walk in this so-called boring chatting way. Use those well-researched questions asked to a girl

● Using a smartphone isn't enough; you have to be smart, too, to get a girl's attention. When you ask one of these questions, as mentioned above, to a girl, you will automatically highlight yourself as a different and smart guy. 

● As you know, the first impression is the last. So, before typing anything casually, make sure not to ruin your impression. If you ask something about her childhood memory in your first message. Then, you will automatically create a soft corner. She will love to answer your question. So, think twice before you type. 

● Social media is filled with fake profiles, which is why girls are now very secure, and they don't reply quickly. But once you use these questions to ask a girl, your account and your nature will be verified by her. 

● Making unknown friends is an awesome thing. You can freshly introduce yourself to someone if s/he matches your category. But when it's a matter of making friends with girls, it becomes a challenging thing. But don't worry, you are at the right place, so use these well-researched questions. It is specially designed to help you guys. 


To BOOST Your Confidence Level A Bit More, Check Out a Few More Questions:

1.    Usually, what do you like to do to cheer yourself up?

2.    What do you think, who knows you best?

3.    If you have the TIME MACHINE to go 5 Years back in Future, what would you like to change there?

4.    Do you love travelling, or you have already travelled to many places?

5.    Would you like to share the latest crazy adventure you have done?

6.    Is there any secret talent of yours? If you want, you can share it with me. 

7.    Do you remember your best advice?

8.    What is your favourite thing you like most about this city?

9.    What is the best gift you have received ever, and still, you care for it?

10. What is your biggest mistake in life? 

11. Do you have any worst habits? 

12. If you had a choice to get a superpower, what would it be?

13. If you come to know that this Earth will destroy within three days, what will you do?

14. How many wishes do you have, and how many have you fulfilled yet or want to fulfil?

What is the next stage? What questions should you ask a girl to know her well?

When you realize that, your charm works on her, and now she is replying to you well. When you understand that, you are now in a friend zone. Then you want to know her more. Now the question is, what will be the questions you should ask a girl to know her well???


Here you go; we have all the setup for you. Read this blog till the end; you will be fully ready to bring fun and friendship to your life. 

These are the 15 questions you should ask a girl to know her a little bit more:

1.    Where were you born and brought up?

2.    Your first College? Where did you study?

3.    Which is your favourite place to hide or run away?

4.    What do you do when you are sad or upset?

5.    How do you like to spend time with your someone special?

6.    Is there anyone with whom you are most comfortable?

7.    What makes you laugh out loud?

8.    Your favourite food or dish?

9.    Are you an early riser or a late riser?

10. What quality a guy should have to be your friend? 

11. What kind of movies or serials do you like to watch?

12. Are you introverted or extroverted?

13. You are passionate about what?

14. Any fictional character with whom you can relate yourself?

15. Do you have any celebrity crush? Who is that?


Don't forget the massive difference between being creepy and chatting with softness. These questions are specially prepared for those looking for some unknown friends to utilize the quarantine time. 

These questions will always make a girl comfortable communicating with you well. So, if you are only shy to talk to a girl, or if you don't know what the best way to start the conversation is, then this whole blog is just for you. 

Keep reading and scrolling the whole blog. It will make you wise and help you start a conversation by asking some good questions to a girl. Now, you are fully ready to ping a girl. Make new friends, make new bonding and spread the boundaries of friendship in this way. 


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